A Real Sports Massage In Phuket!

You need a Real Deep Tissue Massage or a Real Sports Massage in Phuket?

Golden Touch Massage is the place to go if you look for Qualified Massage Therapists in Patong Beach.

Sports Massage is not only for Athletes getting ready for a sporting event or after a strong effort.
It’s a Great Deep Tissue Massage for people who want a Strong Massage to stimulate their muscles and body!


Stress and Pain Reduction!

Sports massage Therapy can prevent or relieve delayed onset muscle soreness.

Sports massage Therapy can help a person manage stress.

For Athletes, Sports massage should be applied before and after Athletic Events.
It will help you to get in a good mental state for competition and will prepare you to reach your athletic performance potential!

  • Reduces heart rate.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Relieves muscle pain and tension.
  • Improves connective tissue healing.
  • Improves muscle flexibility, it reduces and prevents injury.

A lot of Health Benefits with a Sports Massage for Athletes and non Athletes!

That’s why Deep Tissue Massages are very popular among many of our customers. 🙂

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