Sports Massage

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage in Phuket with a Certified Massage Therapist at Golden Touch Massage Phuket!

Sports Massage in Patong Beach is a Deep Tissue Massage that will focus on your muscles before or after intensive sport activity.

It is also appreciated by many other people who do not practice any intensive sport but want to have a Deep Tissue Massage.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Sports Massage in Phuket!
Check out this video about our Deep Tissue Massage Technique on our Youtube Channel:

Sports Massages are good also for people with injuries, chronic pain, restricted range of motion.

The Massage Therapist can concentrate on a specific area of your body depending on the kind of pain you have or the kind of sport your practice (Tennis, running, Golf, etc…)

The Massage Therapist at Golden Touch Massage will check with you what are your needs and expectations from a Sports Massage.

The Benefits of a Sport Massage in Phuket:

  • It has the ability to target muscle-tendon junctions.
  • it decreases muscle soreness.
  • Sports massage promotes flexibility and will reduce fatigue.
  • Enhances athlete preparation and reduces recovery time for maximum performance.
  • Improves endurance.
  • Sport Rehabilitation.
  • Muscle Injury Massage in Phuket.
  • Helps prevent injuries and prepares your body and mind for optimal performance!

At Golden Touch Massage, we have Certified Massage Therapists to provide Sports Massage or Medical Massages.

See a Video of one our Sports Massage at Golden Touch Massage in Patong: Click Here!

Contact us to make an appointment for a Sports Massage, Golden Touch Massage is located in Patong Beach.

An appointment is advised to have a sports massage certified therapist available at the time of your visit! 🙂

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